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Driveway Construction Tip

Attractive circular drives can be constructed, adding to the value and appearance of a country home.

Driveway Excavating Services

Driveways That Add Value & Beauty

Beautiful paths or driveways not only increase the beauty of your house but also add value to your property.  Anyone can excavate a straight driveway, but it takes an artful eye to excavate a natural looking driveway that fits into your surroundings.

Enhance the beauty of your home with a driveway that shows it off.

Proper driveway installation depends upon adequate drainage through site grading, drainage tiles, retaining walls and more. 

Crushed rock is a common and suitable material for building roads where asphalt or concrete would be too expensive.  Tarzan Enterprises has extensive experience building these types of roads and driveways.

Driveway Excavation

Roads that cover hilly terrain often require careful construction to provide a safe path for driving as well as the proper drainage.  Our equipment can easily construct roads and paths through wooded and scenic areas without disturbing desirable trees and other growth.

Hilly Driveway Excavation

Drainage and excavation—If water on or under your driveway is a problem, we can build exit drains to move water away from these problem areas where possible.

A Driveway Can Add Beauty to Your Home

Many homes or country roads have long roads to reach homes or structures set far back through pasture or fields. Note that proper grading to allow drainage is important. The drainage needs to be sloped enough to allow runoff, without being too steep or deep as to be a hazard if a vehicle should leave the roadway.



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Tarzan Enterprises - Specialists in Pond Digging and Land Excavation