Tarzan Enterprises - Specialists in Pond Digging and Land Excavation
Pond Digging and Land Excavating Dayton Xenia Ohio

Our Equipment

  • Dozer
  • Front-End Loader
  • Excavator
  • Bob Cat
  • Backhoe

Our Equipment

Tarzan Enterprises owns numerous type of excavating, digging, hauling, cutting, tractors and other equipment to effectively deliver the services you need.  

Semi Truck

Our services are very mobile as we also have our own equipment transportation vehicles and can move our equipment with little effort and no special permits.

Due to the wide variety of those services and the custom nature of most jobs, it is not feasable to own a piece of equipment for every possible scenario.

However, when we do have projects that require equipment we don't own, we have relationships with reliable dealerships that provide quality equipment rentals to get the job done. Our priority is using the right equipment for the job at hand, as that means less down time, and lower costs for you.

Dump Truck


Maintenance Pit

Our Advantage

Tarzan Enterprises has the right equipment and the expertise to use it correctly. This sets the stage for job satisfaction and long lasting relationships with our customers who we take pride in serving and plan to for many years to come.


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Tarzan Enterprises - Specialists in Pond Digging and Land Excavation