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Cost Estimates "Right on Target"

"Tarzan Enterprises prepared our house foundation, cut out our driveway, and backfilled and finish graded our yard. Dan Parks is excellent at site planning and is always reliable and dependable. His cost estimates were right on target."

Connie and Tim Dunning
Aquatic Custom Services

They Were On the Jobsite When They Said They Would Be

"We have hired Tarzan Enterprises for multiple projects over the years. They are hard workers with a great deal of experience. We can always count on them to be on the jobsite when they said they would. We always enjoy seeing their finished final grades on our projects." 


Brentwood Builders, Inc.

Reshaped Round Pond to Look More Natural

"We love our ponds. Dan renewed one of our ponds and reshaped and
enlarged our other pond so it wasn't just a round pond, but was suited to the existing landscape. He was able to work around and save the existing tree line. Not only is it designed to be habitat friendly for fish, it is beautiful.

I've got chain of command in my ponds. I don't put any fish in my ponds that Aquatic Custom Services doesn't okay. And, by the way, the more water you have on your property, the less grass you have to mow."

Dan and Molly Anderson
Anderson Construction


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Tarzan Enterprises - Specialists in Pond Digging and Land Excavation